‘Tuva Novotny Online’ Open!

Welcome to the newest Tuva Novotny source online!

I decided to open Tuva Novotny Online a while ago to collect and gather information, photos, videos, news and articles on Tuva – and of course, to hopefully support her career!
I have been following Tuva’s career for many years and she has starred in several of my favorite series, such as the Norwegian show Dag. She’s also in other fantastic and entertaining movies produced in Norway and Sweden and if you have the possibility to watch these international movies – you really should.

Tuva will soon appear in Borg/McEnroe and Annihilation and it’s always a pleasure to see what Tuva will come up with next. Not only does she seem to be an wonderful and inspiring person but her acting skills are amazing and intriguing.

Why a fansite? Well I work as a developer and every site I make is a learning process and this time I wanted to try and work on a project and get an apology to look at photos and be a bit geeky. This site will hopefully grow and get bigger and hopefully it will be possible to create a comprehensive archive on Tuva’s career.

It’s very important for me to respect Tuva’s wish to keep her personal life private and I won’t post any gossip, intrusive photos or information. This site is to promote and provide information on her career, and nothing else.

For now, enjoy your stay!

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